The Region Apple land "lake stubenberg"

Apple and lake

The people in the "apple land" know how to work with the nature. Fertile grounds, gentle climate and much sunshine let the apple grow there. Natives are living the old tradition in its great variety.
The "Stubengergsee" becomes to an relaxing oasis and its water becomes elixir.

  • Wandern mit den Abakus Apfelmännern (c) ApfelLand-Stubenbergsee
  • Apfelgarten (c) Oststeiermark Tourismus, Bernhard Bergmann
  • Tierwelt Herberstein - Gepard (c) Oststeiermark Tourismus
  • Stubenbergsee (c) Oststeiermark Tourismus
  • Ballonfrühling im ApfelLand (c) TV ApfelLand-Stubenbergsee, Tom Lamm
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