The 2-Thermal region Bad Waltersdorf

Relaxe and enjoy

Between natural surroundings, teeming full of energy and positiv power, it lies the "Thermenregion Bad Waltersdorf" in the middle of the Eastern Styria. In the "Thermenreion Bad Waltersdorf" you can get new energy and you will find new ways to yourself. Harmony and balance, health and well-being, enjoying and experience, all these things are typical for the "Thermenregion Bad Waltersdorf". 


  • Golfplatz Bad Waltersdorf (c) TV 2-Thermenregion Bad Waltersdorf
  • Ort Bad Waltersdorf (c) TV 2-Thermenregion Bad Waltersdorf, Bernhard Bergmann
  • H2O Erlebnistherme Sebersdorf (c) H2O Erlebnistherme
  • Pärchen im Heilwasser (c) Heiltherme Bad Waltersdorf
  • Picknick im Weingarten (c) TV 2-Thermenregion Bad Waltersdorf
Logo 2-Thermenregion Bad Waltersdorf


Infobüro Bad Waltersdorf, Hauptplatz 90, 8271 Bad Waltersdorf,
T: +43 3333 3150, info (at) badwaltersdorf. com,