Ready to acquire your handicap?

It’s time to tee off!

Golf used to be considered an old man’s game, but that has changed completely. Nowadays, it’s cooler than ever to play golf, even for the young. A course of 18 holes means around four to five hours moving at a moderate pace in the fresh air, which couldn’t be more beneficial for your body. In addition to the physical activity amidst stunning hills, golf also provides the ideal opportunity to chat to your co-players. Move from hole to hole, learning from one another and benefiting from each other’s tips and advice. Golf lessons with a professional will further improve your technique and enable to acquire your handicap in Eastern Styria! They may even lead to your first tournament.

Besides the modern golf facilities there are also various miniature golf courses. Enjoy adventure golf in Eastern Styria with the whole family, successfully hitting the ball across sand bunkers and stones to return home as the miniature golf winner. This is the ideal opportunity for kids to prove their talent before venturing onto a "proper" golf course.

Playing against the natural backdrop of Eastern Styria is sure to be an unforgettable experience for every golfer. You don’t just putt and score on the 18-hole courses, but also gain new strength! And the stunning golf courses and landscapes are perfectly complemented by culinary establishments that invite you in for a second round of enjoyment.

Golfanlage Hartberg

9 Loch-Golfanlage, Kurse auf Anfrage!

Ring, 8230 Hartberg
T: +43 680 3132239
golf.hartberg (at) golfevents. at

Golfclub Almenland

18 Loch-Golfanlage, Golfschule Almenland, Platzreifekurse.

Fladnitzer Straße 61, 8162 Passail
T: +43 3179 27799
office (at) almenlandgolf. at

Golfclub Bad Waltersdorf

18 Loch-Golfanlage, Golfseminare, Golfkurse.

8271 Bad Waltersdorf 348
T: +43 3333 24000
badwaltersdorf (at) golf. at 

Golfclub Gut Freiberg

18 Loch-Golfanlage, Kurse auf Anfrage.

Ludersdorf 32, 8200 Gleisdorf
T: +43 3112 62700
office (at) gc-gut-freiberg. at

Minigolfanlage Vorau

Geöffnet von Montag bis Sonntag ab 9 Uhr bis Sonnenuntergang!
Dienstag Ruhetag

8250 Vornholz 215
T: +43 3337 3633

Minigolfanlage Fischbach

Erproben Sie auf 12 Bahnen Ihre Geschichlichkeit! Öffnungszeiten: Mai bis Oktober!

8654 Fischbach 11a
T: +43 664 5255727
tourismus (at) fischbach.steiermark. at

Minigolfplatz Ratten

12 Bahnen mit steigender Schwierigkeitsstufe
Öffnungszeiten: Mai bis September!

8673 Ratten, T: +43 3173 2213
beatrix.dampfhofer (at) gmail. com

Abenteuergolf-Minigolf Hollywood

Neug. 110, 8200 Gleisdorf
T: +43 680 4462039

Indoor Golf - Golfsimulator u. Putting Green-Indoor

Ehem. Möbelhaus Kager
8250 Vorau
T: +43 664 1463295