Those who head cross-country must eat!

Food and drink plays a big role within Eastern Styrian culture. Produce is cultivated and processed in the region with plenty of experience, dedication and know-how. Austria’s "delicatessen" will whet your appetite with juicy meat, cheese, chocolate, honey, vinegars, pasta, fine brandies, liqueurs and more. And food never tastes better than in an inviting hut after an active day. Dozens of inns surround the Eastern Styrian cross-country skiing and skating trails, looking forward to welcoming you in.

Run away from the everyday – along the sun-kissed trails that lead through the Garden of Austria.

Prolong the pleasure!

How do you experience as much of Eastern Styria’s idyllic winter as possible? By hurrying up. Good idea, but haste is not what the Garden of Austria is known for. We suggest a laid-back but brisk approach, which is what cross-country skiing is all about. If you take it easy, this winter sport is a bit like a brisk walk on skis. As you leave your tracks in the snow on a cross-country holiday you have plenty of time to absorb your surroundings. Picturesque panoramas roll by to the left and right, with culinary pit stops popping up every now and then, enticing you to take a break. Give in to temptation. You’re on holiday, not in a race.

The increasing popularity of cross-country skiing

More and more people are falling in love with cross-country as an alternative to skiing. We can only guess why that might be. It could be the steady movement that allows you to get into a flow. Or the cross-country trails, which reveal more of the surroundings. Or could it be the calming, monotonous pace? Whatever it is, we recommend you give it a go. Beginners and the advanced can learn the correct technique at the cross-country schools across the Joglland-Waldheimat region, where there is also a biathlon track with laser rifles. Seven of the 60 km of cross-country trails are regularly snowed, so not even the weather can stand in the way of cross-country bliss here.

Further groomed trails can be found in Rabl-Kreuz / Waldbach, Fischbach, Miesenbach, Haueregg, Strallegg and Rettenegg. In Nature Park Almenland, the cross-country skiing and skating trails are complemented by many other facilities such as ski lifts, wellness centres, winter hiking trails and romantic horse-drawn carriages.

Joglland-cross-country ski run with the Styrian "Loipengütesiegel"

  • Skating: 20 km / Classic: 50 km

  • Starting point: Gasthof Orthofer

  • Cross-country ski equipment rental

  • Snowmaking machine

  • Floodlight: Tue and Thurs, 6 - 9 pm.

  • Ski rental

  • Cross-country school, Klaudia Meisterhofer, T: +43 664 7621151,

  • Changing room and shower

  • Comfortable restaurant with regional specialities


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Wiaz' Haus Orthofer
T: +43 3336 8237, office (at) orthofer. at,

Cross-country ski run Rabl Kreuz - Waldbach

  • Length: Skating: 20 km / Classic: 40 km
  • Starting point: Rabl-Kreuz-Hütte
  • Cross-country ski equipment rental

Rabl-Kreuz Hütte
T: +43 3336 31288, office (at) rablkreuz-hochwechsel. at,

Cross-country ski run

Around the Teufelstein
4,7 km classic, T: +43 664 5255727
Interactive Map

Around the viewing tower - Wildwiese
6 km classic, T: +43 3174 8222

Length 6 km (one direction), T: +43 3173 2335

Length 7 km, T: +43 3174 2223

Length  5 km, T: +43 3173 8020

Heulantsch cross-country ski run

  • Partly just skating
  • Teichalmsee to Harrerhütte and back
  • Length: 7 km

Hochmoor cross-country ski run

  • Skating, classic
  • Round course Teichalmsee - Gasthof Angerwirt
  • Length: 5 km
  • Option to Gasthof Holzmeister and back
  • Length: 10 km

Sommeralm cross-country ski run

  • Skating, classic
  • Teichalmsee to Holdahütt'n
  •  Length: 8 km

Bärenschütz cross-country ski run

  • Skating
  • Challanging cross-country ski run  to Zechner Moar
  • Length: 3 km

Entry and route:
Hotel Teichwirt, Hotel Pierer, Latschenhütte, Teichalmlifte, Schischule Reisinger, Gasthof Angerwirt, Gasthof Holzmeister, Holzmeister-Lifte, Holdahütt'n

Cross-country ski equipment rental
Schneesportschule Reisinger
bei den Teichalmliften
T: +43 3179 20105, Mobil: +43 664 2559795

Cross-country ski run info:
T: +43 3179 7170 oder T: +43 3179 23000 24,