A garden big enough to ride a bike in!

A cycling holiday in Eastern Styria? Yes please! Cycling in Eastern Syria is like hiking sitting down: by all means demanding, but predominantly a pleasure. And why should you be in a rush when there’s so much to see and do in the Garden of Austria? Enjoy divine scenery to your left and right as you pedal, from gentle hills to blossoming meadows, lush orchards, rippling rivers, sleepy villages and towns. Your mouth may open in surprise every now and again, or could it be thirst? Regional specialities are never far in Eastern Styria, meaning there is always somewhere to stop for a freshly pressed juice, refreshing wine or hearty "Jause" platter.

Tours that will get your heart racing in all kinds of ways

Its beautiful surroundings make the Garden of Austria a dream for pleasure cycling.

The Feistritz Valley Cycle Tour leads from source to mouth – or the other way around. If you begin in Ratten, it’s 17 km down the old Freistritztalbahn railway line into Birkfeld. Highlights along the way: Lake Stubenberg, Herberstein Animal World and the Koglhof summer toboggan run. But there is also plenty on offer for ambitious athletes. Scale the Almen- and Joglland peaks from the saddle of a mountain bike to be rewarded with a spectacular panoramic view. And talking about racing hearts: Trail Land Miesenbach offers the perfect combination of adrenaline and fun for young and old thrill seekers.

In between full steam and fully relaxed there’s a garden so big you could spend days cycling through it: welcome to Eastern Styria. There’s a lot to be discovered by day and comfortable accommodation establishments to return to at night. Should you run out of steam ahead of time, just call a taxi. A bike taxi, to be precise, which will take you and your bike to your goal. Numerous attractions offer a welcome change along the bike routes. One of the tastiest is the Almenland Käsestollen (cheese gallery), where the Almenland Stollenkäse is matured. Colourful show gardens and the activities around Lake Stubenberg also promise fun stops. The GenussCard gives free admission to more than 240 attractions across the region, including "Lebkuchen" (gingerbread), oil, meat loaf and gingerbread tastings.

The cycling region of Eastern Styria leaves just one thing to be desired: you will want to return!