In winter the Garden of Austria becomes a family skiing paradise

It is often said that happiness comes from within. A ski holiday in Eastern Styria confirms: it comes from outside. Even in winter, which may be short here after an especially long summer and two mild transitional seasons, but twice as nice. Our ski areas in the Nature Park Almenland and Joglland-Waldheimat regions are ideal for children and older beginners. The slopes ensure that novices can build their confidence slowly, and those who need help can book a ski course. Whether you are into snowboarding, cross-country or alpine skiing, there are multiple ski schools that offer individual and group lessons. Don’t have your own equipment? No problem. Everything can be hired on site, and you can even have gear that you have brought along checked for suitability.

The winter Garden of Austria

Just as in the other seasons, the sun likes to shine here throughout winter. Snow, sun and blue skies are perfect skiing conditions, but also for winter walks, dwelling in the mountain hut and cross-country skiing.

Everyone comes down one way or another
Be it from the mountain to the valley or on a spiritual level: Eastern Styria is all about downtime. We want you to enjoy your stay and avoid rush, from the slopes to the huts in which you come together at the end of the day. Even parents, whose patience is tested on a regular basis, are able to relax here.

The ski schools and family-friendly resorts are a decisive factor in ensuring that the kids have a great time. And after sunset there’s a special surprise: a night skiing session. After an action-packed day on the slopes it won’t take them long to drift from the Garden of Austria into the Land of Dreams.

Even the piggy bank will be happy
You aren’t supposed to talk about money, but we have to mention it once: Eastern Styria makes an affordable winter holiday for the whole family possible. Prices are as transparent as the slopes and luxury does not mean gold taps here, but far more what parents are really after: time for themselves. And those who stay in Fladnitz / Teichalm, Nechnitz / Tyrnau and Tulwitz are in for one more treat: they can use the Teichalm lifts free of charge.