We have something against stress:

Healthy thermal water!

Wellness holidays in Eastern Styria – even the tightest of muscles will relax! Bathtub-warm water, naturally enriched with precious minerals, allows the body to relax in no time at all.  You will just have enough time to say goodbye before stress and worries disappear. And because Eastern Styria is all about relaxation, there are two spas here. Fatigue will quite literally bubble away in the pleasantly warm environment of Heiltherme Bad Waltersdorf, with beauty treatments and massages to highlight your "born again" look. The young and the young at heart slide right into the joy of water at the H2O Health Resort. All we need to say is: double-tube slide (twice the normal width), aqua zorbing and childcare.

Spas that warm the soul

Spas are an oasis within our hectic times. Dive into the warm water and allow yourself to be carried for a while. Or treat yourself to a massage and feel the tension ease from your body bit by bit. Do you know that feeling when your arms and legs are heavy after a day at the spa? That is satisfaction of such a weight you can feel it. And lucky you, being able to fall into a soft hotel bed afterwards, completing your day with a trip to the Land of Dreams.

Me time – as a family

Adults appreciate the downtime at a spa, whilst children relax best when they are actively having fun. The H2O Health Resort meets both of these needs. The kids will rejoice at the slides, aqua zorbing, playground and children’s programme, whilst their parents will actually have the chance to wind down on a family holiday in the sauna world and relaxation area. The resort’s motto "dive in and breathe out" perfectly combines wellness and fun. At the hotel there are special rooms for families with babies or toddlers, so the whole family can relax.

Reap the full benefits of the spa

Should there be such a thing as a happiness formula, then food would be a key component. The spas across the Eastern Styrian hill country spoil you with vitamin-rich delights that everyone enjoys. And no matter what time of day, you always take your place at the table as you would for breakfast – in a bathrobe.

Dive into Eastern Styria’s thermal world and unwind to the tips of your toes.