Those who hike see more of the Garden of Austria

Enjoy a hiking holiday in Eastern Styria! Travelling at walking pace you have enough time to experience the Garden of Austria with all of the senses: wide views, lush pastures, babbling streams, shaded forests and the delicious medley of fragrant flowers, trees and freshly prepared specialities. Locals say that hiking means "going to think", and you really do see the most stunning pictures in your mind and surroundings when strolling through Eastern Styria.

Should your mind wander to bacon, freshly grated horseradish, crusty farmhouse bread and a glass of wine, then it’s most certainly time for a break. The cosy taverns serving Styrian wines and hearty "Jause" platters invite you to stop. And those who wish to linger can simply stay sitting. Once refuelled, it’s time to go on. And for those who can’t get enough: multi-day hikes. The motivated should give the "From the Glacier to the Wine" route a go. This multi-day tour begins at the Dachstein Glacier and "peaks" in the gentle hills of the Styrian wine country. And you won’t stop being amazed along the way, with impressive mountain backdrops, nature reserves, regional delicacies and more rewarding your efforts.

Unfortunately we can’t fly like the bees

But hiking is nearly just as good

Those who would like to start small will not just get their legs into gear on the many themed paths and educational trails. Hiking doesn’t only allow you to relax, but also to learn, such as along the 11 km long bird-themed path in Schönegg, the educational wine trail in the Feistritztal and the yoga path in Dechantskirchen. There’s nothing to worry about on the just 1,200 m long trail along the Raaballee to the Stefaniequelle spring, despite passing a show beehive on the way. Neither the fear of being stung nor the length of the trail can dampen the mood. Ideal for families and anyone who would like to learn more about busy bees.

At the NaturKRAFTpark Hinterbrühl in the Nature Park Pöllau Valley, families can try simple awareness exercises to awaken the senses. In addition to the stations, a large playground, maze and natural bathing pond will be met with enthusiasm. Those who prefer opening up their sixth sense should take a look at the Dragon’s Cave in Pernegg. Did the fossilised bones that were found really belong to a cave bear or could they be evidence that a mythical creature once ruled the area? There are no limits to imagination, as there are no limits to the number of hiking routes across Eastern Styria for those who like to actively relax.

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