1978 ... declared as a nature monument

An adventerous hike where you climb to the top of the Bärenschütz ravine following a path of bridges and ladders while enjoying the beautiful scenery.

When you are visiting the "Bärenschützklamm" and ist uncountable and fascinating bridges, catwalks and ladders, you are hiking trough a geology which bekame stone during the years. You can feel the beautiful countrysied and the unique closeness to the rush water coming down the "Bärenschützklamm". Trough the 4 millions of years the water made the many caves and the chamfers out of the stone. The ladder was made by the "Alpenclub" of Graz, 100 years ago. Because of it`s unique beauty of the nature the "Bärenschützklamm" became a nature monument in 1978.

Opening hours: 1st May - 31th October


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