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    Natural monument since 1978

    In Eastern Styria you will find one of Austria’s most stunning gorges - the Bärenschützklamm. Many paths lead to the Nature Park Almenland, but the most impressive are sure to lead through the Bärenschützklamm. The gorge is made up of limestone, dolomites and conglomerates that were formed over 400 million years ago and rose much later with the Alps. The whirling waters of the Mixnitz stream shaped the limestone into rock faces that now tower 300 m high above the valley.

    The gorge was already made accessible with suspended ladders more than 100 years ago in 1901. Bärenschütz Gorge was declared a natural monument in 1978 and has enjoyed an increasing amount of visitors ever since. Wooden bridges and ladders, thundering waterfalls and naturally shaped rocks characterise the landscape all the way to Lake Teichalm.

    164 wooden bridges and a narrow ravine

    Untamed water, unusual rock formations and rare flora and fauna: the Bärenschützklamm amazes guests as one of Austria’s most remarkable gorges. More than 164 wooden bridges lead through the narrow Mixnitz ravine and up to the "Zum Guten Hirten". Visitors can find interesting facts about the vegetation on information boards along the way, as this is the perfect haven for plants and animals of all kinds.

    350 m of height are overcome along the 1,300 m trail. It’s worth taking a look to your left and right as you walk to catch a glimpse of one or the other plant.

    Bärenschütz Gorge is open to visitors aged eight and above from May to October.


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