Get to know the sources of your inner strength

    Why do dogs lie down in certain places? Are we really influenced by earth rays and the moon? The Energy Points in St. Jakob im Walde will provide answers to these exciting questions.

    It is often said that you can only remember something you have seen with your own eyes. This understanding of your inner strength is the be-all and end-all of the Energy Points. At various stations you can test the different phenomena for yourself. Get to know the sources of your inner strength! Be amazed across 1,600 m² of experience space and an herb garden. Enter a unique chakra tower, for example, try your hand at dowsing, see your star sign light up the sky at the press of a button, listen to religious sounds from around the world being played out on gigantic bells and stand in awe in front of a silent jet of water. One visit just isn’t enough.

    Guided tours

    Guided tours are available for pre-booked groups of 10 or more and last around 1.5 hours. You can also explore the individual theme zones by audio guide at any time.

    Tip for families: There is a children’s tour at 10 am every Saturday of the summer holidays! (Booking requested by Thursday midday)

    Your dog is also welcome at the Energy Points!


    Kräftereich St. Jakob im Walde, Kirchenviertel 70, 8255 St. Jakob im Walde,
    T: +43 3336 20257, office (at) kraeftereich.