An unspoiled jewel of nature

    The Große Raabklamm nature and hiking paradise lies near the district’s capital of Weiz, bordering the Nature Park Almenland in Arzberg. At a total length of around 17 km, the Große (large) and Kleine (small) Raabklamm form Austria’s longest gorge.

    Enjoy the natural beauty and silence of Raab Gorge. Strengthen body, mind and soul with a hike. Raab Gorge is the ideal hiking area for young and old as well as families with children. The Große Raabklamm, with its flora and fauna that stretches from the cool and damp banks to the warm and dry rocks, is a potpourri of different animal and plant habitats. Particularly endangered species find one of their last living environments here. The main Raabklamm hiking route stretches 10 km from the car park of former Gasthaus Jägerwirt to Arzberg. Each direction takes between 3.5 and 4.5 hours to walk.

    With a bit of luck you might just spot a dipper or grey heron as you walk. Perhaps you’ll also come across a rare black stork or little fire salamander. Many endangered types of beetle and butterfly are at home in Raab Gorge. It’s a valuable habitat and unspoiled natural landscape that is particularly precious to Styria. The unique structure of the terrain and the great variety and contrasts of the environment mean that a wide range of plants and animals have come to thrive within a small area here.

    The main hiking route of the Kleine Raabklamm covers around 7 km from the car park of former Gasthaus Jägerwirts via Mortantsch and Oberdorf to the local authority in Mitterdorf an der Raab or via Bärental to Weiz. It takes between 2 and 2.5 hours to walk in either direction. The Kleine Raabklamm has a ravine-like character as does the Große Raabklamm, and it counts amongst Austria’s last natural and undeveloped river segments. The majority of the Kleine Raabklamm’s trails are easily passed, but take care at two rocky sections with wooden ladders, for which good shoes with non-slip soles are recommended.

    Hiking through the Natura 2000 reserve

    The Große Raabklamm was made a nature reserve in 1970 and classified as Natura 2000 Reserve No. 9 in 1996 for its protection of the animal and plant worlds. Nature and landscape tours of Raab Gorge that last 2 to 4 hours can be pre-booked for schools, clubs and firms.

    Hiking is only permitted on the Große and Kleine Raabklamm’s marked trails.  The various entry points and routes have information boards and signposts. Further information on entry points, walk times, distances, wildlife and vegetation etc. can be found in the Raabklamm hiking book, which can be purchased from bookshops in Weiz, Graz, Gleisdorf, Hartberg and Feldbach as well as the Almenland and Weiz tourist boards. The Raabklamm book can also be bought at


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