A special nature adventure for the whole family

Unthinkable is the amount of the stalactites at the "Katerloch". The length of it is nearly one kilometre. The "Katerloch" has been closed trough the years 1984 to 2004. Up from Aril 2004 it is open for little groups. In one of the greatest halls, which is reachable by a ladder and stairs system, there arose some figures, small corals made of lime, fine white and colourful curtains, crystal clear crystals and glittering pillars made of crystals. Many bone findings of bears which were living in the caves complete the image of the former times.

Opening hours: advanced announcement by telephone!


Mag. Fritz Geissler, Dürntal 10, 8160 Weiz,
T: +43 664 4853420, info@katerloch.at, www.katerloch.at