All about the world’s largest berry

    The Steirerkraft Kernothek has been at home in Wollsdorf’s former mill shop since June 2014. On a guided tour you will learn all about the Gleisdorf oil pumpkin. The history of the pumpkin is told in the "Wunderhütte" (hut of miracles). Learn about its long journey from Mexico to our shores and experience up close how the precious pumpkin seed oil used to be "beaten", which demanded great physical effort.

    On the demonstration field you will see how the valuable resource grows and learn about the oil pumpkin’s properties. Did you know that a spontaneous mutation caused the pumpkin to lose its skin, which was what originally made pumpkin seed oil production possible? Did you know that - botanically speaking - the pumpkin is a berry? Learn all of this and more on the Kernothek’s demonstration field. Amongst all of the pumpkins you will also discover the Styrian runner bean and get to inspect the trial field’s latest resources.

    The technical wonders of the oil mill

    In the attached oil mill you can watch pumpkin seed oil being made. Using the latest technology, you are introduced to the roasting process of the raw mixture, get to admire the press and experience the technical finesse of the filling station. Finally your sensory abilities are trained as you sample the different quality levels of pumpkin seed oil and become a true connoisseur of the "Styrian gold". You will also taste the latest products before filling your own bottle of pumpkin seed oil. Delicious regional specialities and gifts for all occasions can also be found at the Kernothek.


    Steirerkraft Kernothek, Wollsdorf 75, 8181 St. Ruprecht an der Raab,
    T: +43 3178 2525-270, kernothek (at) steirerkraft. com,