The second largest folk museum in Styria

The museums village is situated near the cemetery of the "Stift Vorau". The business world of the past hundreds of years revives here. You can see a "Rauchstubenhaus Marotti" with its complete adjustment like a typical Eastern Styria farmhouse, which was founded in the year 1706. You can also visit an old pharmacy of a village doctor, an old school class and so on.

Opening hours: April-Oct from 10 am to 5 pm, July-Aug from 9 am to 5 pm

Nature and culinary at the apple street

At the end of April to the beginning of May many apple-blooms fill the villagesalong the Apfelstraße. In autumn the ripe fruits emite a great scent. About 40 farmers and hosts invite you to taste the fruits, the cider, the juice and the schnaps.


Steirische Apfelstraße, Obmann Franz Meißl, 8182 Puch 21, T: +43 3177 2205,
info (at) apfeldorf-puch.