Exhibition of the world-famous Thonet bentwood furniture

    The Thonet history begins in 1819 with the founding of Michael Thonetin Boppard’s woodworking shop along the Rhine. In 1842 the carpenter was summoned to Vienna by the Chancellor of the Austrian Empire Prince Metternich and in 1851 the London World Exhibition brought him worldwide acclaim. Generations later his great-grandson, Dr. Fritz-Jacob Thonet, opened a small workshop in Vienna and - with the support of Krainer, state governor of Styria at the time - furniture production was also moved to Styria, which came to an end in 2006.

    Enter a world of one-of-a-kinds

    The Thonet Museum in Friedberg within the Wechselland region is the world’s only museum dedicated to the famous carpenter’s work. There are more than 80 exhibits that can only be found here, including Thonet’s World Exhibition table from 1851 and the only Liechtenstein chair as well as the legendary post office savings bank chair by Otto Wagner and elegant Vienna Secession pieces. Art lovers will be in their element here.

    The museum opened its doors in 1994. The entrance to the ground floor’s seating furniture collection is dedicated to company founder Michael Thonet (1796-1874), displaying his work as it transitioned from manual craft to industrial mass production in the 19th century. More chairs can be found on the upper level.  The museum exhibits its 80 plus pieces in an illustrative way, bringing an important part of the history of Austrian aesthetics to life.

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    Thonet Museum, Bahnhofstraße 67, 8240 Friedberg,
    T: +43 3339 25110-0, stadtgemeinde (at) friedberg. atwww.friedberg.at