An interactive show dairy

    The Weiz sheep farmers are a cooperative of agricultural producers that act as a joint production and marketing association. In the recently opened interactive show dairy you will find an interesting programme that revolves around sheep, lamb and cheese. In the experience room you can take a look at the production area through a glass wall before browsing the regional sheep produce in the shop.

    Sheep’s milk for skin and palate

    At five experience stations you learn the essentials about sheep and sheep produce. You also gain direct insight into the dairy’s production and maturing rooms and find out what a sustainable production of raw materials looks like in modern times. The experience tours, which must be booked in advance, end with a tasting of the various sheep’s milk delights. If you have acquired a taste for the high-grade products then you can always buy more at the shop to take home. And an award-winning bite of Eastern Styria is certainly something to boast about. At the World Cheese Awards 2018 / 2019 in Bergen, the cooperative received gold for the "S`Würzige Schaf" and silver for the "S`Gschmackige Schaf" and popular "Gutenberger Camembert".

    In addition to the culinary goods, a sheep’s  milk cosmetic range can be purchased from the Weiz sheep farmers. Carefully selected ingredients are combined with the precious sheep whey to create a unique regional care range.

    The Weiz sheep farmers and their team look forward to welcoming you and giving you an insight into the world of sheep and their produce.


    Weizer Schafbauern, Obergreith 70, 8160 Weiz,
    T: +43 3172 30370,, www.mä