Culture and tradition in Styria

The garden of Austria, like Eastern Styria is often called, excites the visitors with its outstanding nature, which extends from Joglland in the North to the 2-Thermenregion Bad Waltersdorf in the South. Furthermore Eastern Styria is rich in culinary, from ALMO® beef and the legendary "Hirschbirne" - a special pear to the finest schnapps and fruit juices produced by the numerous farmers of the region. But also for those who are interested in culture, the East of Styria has got a lot to offer.

For a long time Eastern Styria used to mark the Eastern border of Austria, and therefore many castles were built to defend the country and they still sit enthroned on the hills landscape. Some of those buildings were transformed into magnificent castles over the time, others remained in their original condition. Lots of the modernised castles offer overnight accommodations nowadays or house exhibitions, which often deal with modern art. In our region you will also find several museums that show folk culture as well as the history of Styria. The picturesque old towns of Eastern Styria invite visitors with many cafés, shops and mostly you will also find pilgrimage churches, which have been impressing with their ostentatious appearance for centuries.

The garden of Austria - beautiful nature, culinary hotspot and most of all rich in culture!

Cities in Eastern Styria


A culutural adventure when you walk troug the historical city center of one of our cities.

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Castles in Eastern Styria


For those who are seeking for cultural specialities in a great variety...

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Pilgrimage in Eastern Styria


Eastern Styria for pilgrims. Pilgrimage churches invite to you to slow down.

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Folk culture

Styrian folk culture

Music, dance, traditional costumes, culture, photography, dialect, history.

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