A pilgrimage church in honour of Mary, Mother of God

    On a foothill of the Masenberg you will find what must be one of the most stunning Gothic churches in Eastern Styria: the Pöllauberg pilgrimage church. It thrones high above the Pöllau Valley at around 754 m above sea level, making it visible from afar. A Roman chapel is said to have already been erected here in the 12th century, above a spring with water that had healing properties according to legend. The chapel was dedicated to the Mother of God and soon there was a regular pilgrimage to the church on Saturdays. It didn’t take long for the chapel to become too small and - thanks to the generous donations by Katharina von Stubenberg - the new Gothic church was built and also dedicated to the Mother of God.

    Various refurbishments and reconstructions and the Baroque wave didn’t leave the Pöllauberg unaffected over the centuries. The Gothic bell tower was replaced with an early Baroque construction in 1678 and today’s dome only came about in 1744. Nowadays you will find four impressive bells in the bell tower.

    The pilgrimage church

    Pöllauberg’s parish and pilgrimage church remains one of the principle works of the Styrian High Gothic period. The approximately 37 m long Gothic pilgrimage church has three entrances, of which two lead into the entrance hall of the church with one offering barrier-free access. The organ dates back to the late 17th century and ranks as one of Austria’s most important monuments of sound. An ornate altar with countless angels gives the room its special atmosphere.


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