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Eastern Styria borders the Hochwechselgebirge in the North, those are mountains 1.700 m above sealevel, so they provide winters rich in snow. Another striking elevation are the Fischbacher Alpen, Masenberg, Rabenwald, Hochlantsch or Teichalpe. In between there are valleys like those of Pöllau, Passail or Vorau. Narrow, long valleys and deep ravines extend through the landscape, such as Weizklamm or Raabklamm. Severals springs originate here and merge into larger rivers like the Weiz- or Ilzbach, Feistritz, Safen or Lafnitz. A major part of Eastern Styria is the typical green hills landscape, which is also called "Oststeirisches Hügelland" an which flattens in the South.

In this manifold and diversified landscape a unique folk culture developed over the time, which is still high-rated.
Our citizens know their roots, that reach far into the past.