Rustic conviviality at the "Buschenschank"

Rustic, inviting, homemade and friendly: words that describe the "Buschenschank" taverns across Eastern Styria. You will enjoy the very best wines and delicious "Jause" platters along the Eastern Styrian Roman Wine Road, with roast pork, salted and smoked meat, "Trockenwürstel" sausages, bacon, smoked pork loin, fresh spreads, delicious cheese and a helping of freshly grated horseradish. Those who prefer sour tastes should try a "saurer Teller" (sour plate) instead, with boiled beef, runner beans and regional soft cheese, marinated in kernel oil and apple vinegar. A traditional "Germspeise" (yeast dough pastry) for dessert belongs to the "Buschenschank" as wine does to the Roman Wine Road. Poppy seed strudel, nut croissants or fresh doughnuts – you’ll be spoilt for choice here.  And for those looking to take a taste of the "Buschenschank" back home, the farm shops sell everything from your favourite wine to crusty loaves of bread. The "Buschenschank" is not just a place to eat, but far more a way of life.

Styrian cider – the new trend

The Eastern Styrian cider taverns are a lot like the "Buschenschenken" with one vital difference: they serve cider too! The cider (also known as apple wine) is traditionally won using apples that are put through a wine press in Eastern Styria. Varieties range from sweet to semi-dry and dry ciders from new and old types of apple and some rarities. A real insider’s tip is the "Dreiermischung" (threefold mixture), which is made up of 1/3 cider, 1/3 apple juice and 1/3 sparkling water, and is particularly refreshing on warm summer days.

The cider and wine taverns are not just one of Eastern Styria’s culinary highlights; they are also places to come together with the locals. Rustic interiors and comfortable terraces offer a wonderful ambience to enjoy. The kids will have a ball too at the generous playgrounds with slides, swings and pedal tractors.

"Mostschenken" in the Eastern Styria


Traditional specialities with wine, fruit juice and homemade "Most".

An entire road of enjoyment

"Buschenschenken" are no rarity in Eastern Styria, which has an entire road of them. Along the Eastern Styrian Roman Wine Road you can take a look behind the scenes at the winegrowers and learn all about Eastern Styrian wine from the grape to the glass on tours and at tastings. A highlight in Eastern Styria is the annual presentation of the URBANUS® on 2nd February. The URBANUS® is a light, dry wine that was named in honour of the patron saint of all winemakers, Pope Saint Urban I. It is a registered trademark of the Eastern Styrian Roman Wine Road.