A kingdom full of pleasure

A journey with many delicacy from our local producers, such as meat, vinegar, "Hirschbirne", wine, honey and refreshing natural beer.

Eastern Styrian schnapps


Carefully chosen, fully ripe fruits are the basis for a noble brandy. Fermentation of the mash, gentle destilation and carful storage are the requirements for an intense fruit flavour.

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Vinegar and oil and real pumpkin seed oil

Vinegar and oil

A real eastern styrian salad can not be without aromatic Oils and fine vinegar from different fruits like apple, currant or blackberry!

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Meat specialitys

Meat specialitys

Culinary delights from the "Almo" and "Weizer Berglamm" over the "Mulbratl" up to the "Hirschbirnschinken".

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Honey, beekeeper products


Honey is our natural gold. Emerge into the world of the bees and let yourself be enticed by the sweet honey.

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Cheese of the Eastern Styria


Milk gets processed into tasty, natural, and healthy cheeseproducts. Meanwhile in the "Almenland" very special and delicious sorts of cheese mature in an unusual place, the silver mine in "Arzberg"! 

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Fruits and vegetables of the Eastern Styria

Fruits and vegetables

You can find a great variety of products on the styrian applestreet: fresh fruits, apple juice, cider, noble brandys and other apple products ...

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Private breweries of the Eastern Styria

Private breweries

Home-brewed and freshly tapped is the way the people in eastern styria enjoy their beers!

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Sweets of the Eastern Styria


Let the sweets of eastern styria melt in your mouth. Our products range from marmelades over ice creams to our delicious chocolates.

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Wine producers of Eastern Styria

vinyards in the Eastern Styria

Try the delicious URBANUS wine at  one of the "Buschenschenken" along the Eastern Styrian roman wine street...

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