Herbal energy & women "xundheit"

One of the most important women's herbs unfolds to its full beauty this time of the year - the lady's mantle. The leafs have the shape of a mantle that wants to lay itself around a woman to protect her from harm.
"heaven's water" is the name of the liquid that can be found in the early hours collected in the leaf chalices. Its not made of dewdrops but of a fine plantdestillate which is secreted through the fine pores on the side of the leafs. Another characteristic is, that its blossoms develop germinable seeds without the need for a male fertilization. What great importance does this flower have for us women?

Collector's tip: the leafs should be collected before the blooming period, then you cut and place them in a shady and well aerated room for drying.

"Xund" tipp: "breast oil"
Mix the oilextracts of the woman's mantl, yarrow and garden angelica to equal proportions. Massage the oil into the breasts regularly. This lifts the breasts, prevents galactostasia, eases tension in the breasts during the period and activates the lymphs in the breast area.


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