Enjoy your picnic in the open air

Take a timeout from your daily routine - we have summarized the most beautiful places for your picnic.

Apple land "lake stubenberg"

Kneipp-Oases Siegersdorf
The Kneipp-Oases, the wine trail, the grapevine and the beautiful view invite you to a romanitic picnic in pairs or with the whole family.
Contact: 8222 Siegersdorf bei Herberstein (next to Buschenschank „Birnbam“)

A desk made of stone on the waterfront of the romantic Feistritz makes your picnic very special.
Contact: 8222 St. Johann bei Herberstein – „St. Johanner Flussbad“

Take a picnic and let your spirits flow at the "Hochgartl" of Puch bei Weiz.
Contact:: 8182 Puch bei Weiz


Schlosshof Hartberg
When you visit Hartberg you should stroll through the palace garden in the middle of the City of Hartberg. This place gives you incredible muse and outlook to find a place for your picnic.
Contact: Herrengasse 1, 8230 Hartberg

Nature experience at the Hartberger Gmoos
The Hartberger Gmoos is easy to be reached, approx. 3.5 km long and a plane loop road for cycling, running and walking. On this way you will find beautiful places for having a picnic.
Contact: Wiesengasse, 8230 Hartberg

A hiking tour to the Ringwarte, the local mountain of Hartberg and at the end of the tour or inbetween take a rest and have a picinic...
Contact: Ring, 8230 Hartberg


The "Teufelstein" is one of the most popular culutural places of Styria and you have a fine panorama - from the Hochschwab to the Veitsch and the Rax to the Eastern Styrian hills and the Schöckl.
Contact: 8654 Fischbach

The Top of the Hochwechsel has not only a beautiful view but also a unique chapel and the summit cross. Especially in the early morning hours when the sun rises or in the evening when it goes down the view is picturesque.
Contact:  8252 Waldbach-Mönichwald

At the "Wildwiese" not only hikers can have a wonderful place for a picnic, it is also accessable by car or bus. For those who can´t get high enough there is also a 36 m high look-out where you can have a view to the Lake Balaton in Hungary.
Contact: 8190 Miesenbach bei Birkfeld

Natur park Almenland

From the Lindenberg Church up to Passail and next to the beekeeping Kreiner, you can have a very beautiful view to the valleys. Just a little further next to the Rabler-Kreuz you can have a picnic at the hawkbit field.
Contact: Lindenbergweg, 8162 Passail

Lärchenwiese - larch field
Next to the rowan berry panorama way you can find the larch field. That place to rest has not only benches for tired hikers but it is also a popular place for having a picnic, with a wonderful view.
Contact: 8171 St. Kathrein am Offenegg

On the light traffic road from the Sommeralm down to Gasen you can find the picnic area at the "Hochegger-Kreuz" - a real jewel.
Contact: Amassegg 1, 8616 Gasen

Natur park Pöllau valley

Palace garden Pöllau
Between colourful flowers an the magnificent view to the castle of Pöllau and to the pilgrimage church of Pöllauberg, the palace garden of Pöllau invites you to relax and stay a while.
Contact: 8225 Pöllau

Wine garden Pöllauberg
The ten different gardens of Pöllauberg give you insight to the agriculture of the nature park. At the highest-lying wine garden of Styria you can have a special picnic.
Contact: Oberneuberg 5, 8225 Pöllauberg

Hirschbirn hirsch'n Station
Having a picnic in a wonderful landscape surrounded by Hirschbirn trees. Every first Friday in a month between 1 and 5 p.m. you can go hiking with the family Laschet and you can get information about the Hirschbirn and products of the region. (It is necessary to register at the tourism office)
Contact: Familie Laschet, Hinteregg 9, 8225 Pöllau

Weiz & St. Ruprecht/Raab

St. Ruprecht an der Raab - Park
A historic park with an old tree population and a play ground; much shade - perfect for hot summer days.
Contact: Park , 8181 St. Ruprecht an der Raab (Zentrum)

The Stefaniequelle is a very special power place with a (supposed) curative spring. This spring is on a hiking trail in a wood approx. 30 minutes away from the city center.
Contact: Wanderweg „Burgthannerweg“, 8181 St. Ruprecht an der Raab