Castles and palaces as far as the eye can see

Admire unique witnesses of time along the Castle Road in Eastern Styria. The historical castles and palaces that were erected to protect the borders are mostly well preserved and impress visitors year after year. They stood at the core of medieval life as administrative centres, storages and courts. Even then, the castles and palaces formed the centre of economic life, but also of fine arts and culture. These structures in the Green Heart of Austria are looked after by their owners with love and dedication. Real cultural gems await you on a trip along the Castle Road in the Garden of Austria. Nowadays the castles and palaces are used for other purposes, offering a unique ambience for special occasions and moments in time.

Lord or lady of the castle for a day

Have you always wanted to stroll through the magnificent grounds like a lord or wave down from the tower like a lady? The castles and palaces along the Castle Road offer unique photo opportunities. Even the littlest ones can be prince or princess for the day here. Many of the buildings are used as event locations nowadays, hosting everything from weddings to seminars and cultural happenings. Visit the lovingly curated collections and exhibitions of the castles and palaces and admire a part of Austrian history. Enjoy atmospheric concerts in the impressive courtyards and marvel at original arts and crafts at one of the seasonal exhibitions. There are special overnight stays too that will have you feeling like Sleeping Beauty for the night, with comfort and history combined.


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