Traditional hike to the mystic Teufelstein

Date: 22/12/2019
Place: Teufelstein, Fischbach
Start: 05:45 a.m.

The Teufelstein is one of the most interesting and storied sights in Styria, more detailed in the region of Joglland-Waldheimat.

Where the devil had planned to build a tower into the sky, a traditional hiking tour has taken place for many years at the time of winter solstice. This dreamlike nature spectacle shows the region in its greatest beauty and prepares for Christmas.

  • 05:45 a.m.: Shuttle bus from the village square of Fischbah to the Zellerkreuz (please register)
  • 06:00 a.m.: Start of the hike from the parking lot at Zellerkreuz ( L114 Fischbach-Schanz)
  • walking time: approximately 1 hour to the Teufelstein
  • approximate sunrise: 07:30 a.m.
  • afterwards there are possibilities to have breakfast in every restaurant in Fischbach


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