Almenland herbs Hochegger

The bio hill farm of the Pöllabauer family is a famous place for excursions for those who love gardens and herbs. You can by flavorsome products as bio herb tea, bio blossom salt at the farm shop.

Opening hours: Fri. 1 pm to 6 pm

Amaßegg 1, 8616 Gasen, T: +43 3171 212,
hochegger (at) almenland. at,

Atelier of Xundheit - health

You can find many products like the "Xund" herb oil, ewe's milk at the shop "Atelier Xundheit"!

Opening hours: by previous appointment

Arzbergerstraße 326/212, 8162 Passail, T: +43 664 3554931
xundgarten (at) almenland. at,

Schroeder's herb factory

At Schroeder´s herb factory they produce selected and handpicked herbs, that grow there.

Products: Herb salt, herb sugar, fruit spread, ...

Opening hours: by previous appointment

Krammersdorf 3, 8162 Passail, T: +43 3179 23421,
kraeuterwerkstatt (at) almenland. at,

Eva Hechtl
Fladnitzberg 21a, 8163 Fladnitz
T: +43 664 106 2551, eva.hechtl (at) gmx. at

Andrea Pretterer
Sonnleitberg 70, 8616 Gasen
T: +43 660 5656278, bergbauer (at) almenland. at

Lisbeth Schweiger
Greith 52, 8171 St. Kathrein am Offenegg
T: +43 664 9249072, lisbeth.schweiger (at) gmail. com

Familie Hirschbauer
Tulwitzviertel 11, 8163 Fladnitz
T: +43 664 5321607, fam.hirschbauer (at) a1. net

Elisabeth Pöllabauer
Amasseg 56, 8616 Gasen
T: +43 664 8989554, almenlandkraeuter (at) gasen. at

Maria Glaser
Naintsch 171, 8172 Heilbrunn
T: +43 3179 20279, glaser.naintsch (at) aon. at

Familie Hinterleitner
Amasseg 58, 8616 Gasen
T: +43 3171 259, hinterleitner_franz (at) aon. at

Willi Schwaiger
Mitterbach 32, 8616 Gasen
T: +43 664 5014340, willi.schwaiger (at) almenland. at

Familie Ponsold
Hohenau 90, 8162 Passail
T: +43 664 1155085, ponsold (at) almenland-aronia. at,

Pöllauer bio herb specialities

Wolfgang Zemanek cultivates bio herbs at his sunny field at the Naturpark Pöllauer Tal.

Products: herb teas, mixed herbs, herb salt....

Opening hours: by previous appointment

8225 Pöllau, Badgasse 90, T: +43 664 9706901,
w.zemanek (at) aon. at,

Bio herbs Kremel

At the Bio farm Kremel herbs are cultivated and "Jura"-sheep cultured.

Herb products: tea herbs and herb mixes.....

Opening hours: by previous appointment

Lechen 11, 8191 Koglhof, T: +43 3174 21303,
biokraeuter-kremel (at) aon. at,


„Gstaudawerk“ - The blossom and herb factory offers you floristry and natural design from local plants, herb products, wild herb hiking tours, workshops...

Openin hours: by previous appointment

Geiseldorf 24, 8274 Buch bei Hartberg, T: +43 664 4241871,
fabsits (at) gstaudawerk. at,

Veronikas herb farm

Products from the refreshing alp air: herb tea, herb salt, herb syrup, herb schnapps... At the farm shop you can find next to Veronikas products also many Styrian products.

Opening hours: Thu. from 2 pm to 4 pm.

8654 Fischbach 41, T: +43 664 9706902,
veronika (at) veronikas. at,

Herb farm Kober

The herbs at the herb farm Kober are harvested by handwork and afterwards gentle dried.

Products: Herb tea, lavender bags, herb bath, balsam..

Opening hours: by previous appointment

Burgstall 53, 8274 St. Magdalena, T: +43 3332 8427,
kober-kraeuter (at) inode. at,

Sulamith herb garden

Regional products out of the Almenland and different herbs and nature products can be bought at the herb shop.

Opening hours: daily by previous appointment

Zeil 188, 8171 St. Kathrein am Offenegg, T: +43 3179 3232,
sissy.sichart (at) sulamith. at,

"Liebe isst" - spice, enjoyment & culinary

"liebe isst" - spice mixes. Culinary specialities made of biological ingredients.

Openin hours: see our website:

Am Ökopark 10a, 8230 Hartberg, T: +43 3332 72301,
vertrieb (at) liebe-isst. at,