Free entry in over 200 destinations

You can visit the most beautiful sights in the region "Oststeiermark", "Thermen- und Vulkanland Steiermark" and "Süd und Weststeiermark" with the BonusCard  (in German "GenussCard") for free.

starting at the 1st of March and lasts until the 31st of October.

To all sights

• What exactly is the GenussCard and how does it work?
The GenussCard is an integrated card – our guests can enjoy 200 different destinations without additional costs. It is handed out on the day of your arrival upon check-in with your host.

• Where exactly can I get the GenussCard?
 You can get it from over 180 different hosts (hotels, bed & breakfast, youth hostels and family guest houses) upon arrival from your first overnight stay onwards.

• How long is it valid?
The GenussCard will be valid for your entire stay, including day of arrival and day of departure within the period of 1st March to 31st October.

• Which destinations can I visit without additional costs?
All destinations that can be found on, in our flyer or the information brochure “GenussCard – 200 Ausflugsziele ohne Aufpreis”. In total, it covers 200 destinations

• Where can I find an overview of the information or how can I collect information on site?
A list of all destinations, their services and opening hours can be obtained from and from our information brochure which you will receive from your host upon arrival.

• How else can I benefit from the GenussCard?
 The GenussCard serves the function of an integrated card during your stay. After your holiday it turns into a club membership card. Just register on and benefit from a range of additional services.

• Is the GenussCard also issued for children?
Children accompanied by their parents are our most valuable guests and will also receive the GenussCard from age 6 onwards

• Who will assist me with questions related to the GenussCard? 
Your host as well as local tourism associations will answer your questions related to the GenussCard.