Free entry in over 240 destinations

You can visit the most beautiful sights in the region "Oststeiermark", "Thermen- und Vulkanland Steiermark" and "Süd und Weststeiermark" with the BonusCard  (in German "GenussCard") for free.

• What exactly is the GenussCard and how does it work?
The GenussCard is an integrated card – our guests can enjoy 240 different destinations without additional costs. It is handed out on the day of your arrival upon check-in with your host.

• Where exactly can I get the GenussCard?
 You can get it from over 170 different hosts (hotels, bed & breakfast, youth hostels and family guest houses) upon arrival from your first overnight stay onwards.

• Which destinations can I visit without additional costs?
All destinations that can be found on, in our flyer or the information brochure “GenussCard – 240 Ausflugsziele ohne Aufpreis”. In total, it covers 240 destinations

• Where can I find an overview of the information or how can I collect information on site?
A list of all destinations, their services and opening hours can be obtained from and from our information brochure which you will receive from your host upon arrival.

• How else can I benefit from the GenussCard?
 The GenussCard serves the function of an integrated card during your stay. After your holiday it turns into a club membership card. Just register on and benefit from a range of additional services.

• Is the GenussCard also issued for children?
Children accompanied by their parents are our most valuable guests and will also receive the GenussCard from age 6 onwards

• Who will assist me with questions related to the GenussCard? 
Your host as well as local tourism associations will answer your questions related to the GenussCard.