Organic at its finest

We run an organic fruit farm with schnapps distillery and fruit processing, embedded in the smooth hillside of the ApfelLandes. In fruit orcharding it is important to treat nature well, because it is our teacher and our most precious treasure. The finest of our fruits got chosen to produce special fruit products. Maria Theresia gave our yard the permission to distill and since then we produce schnapps with personality and heart. Enjoy the fine aroma of our fruits at a tasting.

Included benefits

    Organic fruit garden

    • guided tour through the gardens with 30 different kinds of fruit and over 100 sorts or the distillery
    • introduction into organic fruit growing
    • nibbling fresh fruit from the trees (when they are ripe)
    • tasting of the organic products
    • shopping possibility

    Price: € 8,- per person

    Validity: 2021


    Biohof Schloffer, Oberfeistritz 26, 8184 Anger,
    T: +43 3175 2452, M: +43 664 3403349, bio (at) schloffer. at,