Discover the Apple Land "Lake Stubenberg" region

The Apple Land "Lake Stubenberg" takes cyclists across gentle hills, through apple orchards and vineyards or along rushing rivers. The well-marked cycle paths and diverse landscapes leave nothing to be desired here in the Garden of Austria. Cycling is one of the nicest and most individual ways to explore the region and its highlights.

The region that surrounds Lake Stubenberg is wonderful for hiking. A medley of choice awaits, from flat routes through the Feistritztal to gentle hills along the apple orchards and vineyards and challenging tours up on the Rabenwald or Zetz. One of the highlights is Austria’s first schnapps nature trail, an approximately 1 km long circular route that leads through the orchards and forests and around the Hödlhof, teaching you all about the local schnapps.

In the Garden of Austria
The apple orchards account for a large part of the Apple Land "Lake Stubenberg" region’s landscape. Herberstein’s historic gardens are a further gem. Alongside the Animal World, Herberstein Castle and the Gironcoli Museum, they are a unique attraction that’s worth a visit all year round. The wine trail in Hoferberg takes the Apple Land orchards to show garden level, illustrating the winegrowers’ year and the work that takes places in the vineyards and wine cellars. The "Wüstengarten" (desert garden) in Siegersdorf is somewhat more unusual, where qualified gardeners Gerhard and Birgit Gußmagg invite visitors to admire more than 1,000 cactuses and succulents they have planted. And families can discover their green fingers at the Höfler experience gardens in Puch.


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